This blog is about our journey with our firstborn (and currently only) son, Ethan, who surprised us by being born with Down Syndrome. It includes our reflections, tips, milestone highlights, and birth story/testimony regarding our precious son. “Better than expected” is reflective of not only a few of our false initial assumptions about parenting a child with Down syndrome, but that our life is enhanced and better than we imagined before we even learned we were having a child. The “321” is for trisomy 21, the scientific name for Down syndrome indicating that there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

We are now a family of four, as we have an almost 2-month-old “typical daughter”-meaning she is like most-she has the usual 46 chromosomes. Her birth story is included and this blog will change and grow with our family’s experience to include reflections and tips regarding challenges and cherished times of having the blessing of both a typical child and one with special needs.

Parents of children who are hospitalized can also relate as Ethan has had surgeries and sicknesses that have required hospitalizations. Since our blog is about parenting and life in general, anyone could relate in one way or another. Please comment with any questions or suggestions for what you would like us to write about. Thanks for stopping by, and if you would like more updates on posts “like” our facebook page at facebook.com/betterthanexpected321. You can also click the link in the blog margins to subscribe via email.


Please note: All photos on this blog are property of Better Than Expected site, and all photos now have writing on them to keep this in mind that we do not allow photos to be copied unless given permission. Some photos are allowed to be shared only for the purposes of promoting positive awareness for Down Syndrome or prolife purposes. A blog post full of shareable awareness images is here if you are interested. Thank you.


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