3rd Trimester to Do List

I thought about just doing this on my google documents but thought it might turn into a fun and helpful post. When I think about 11 weeks and some-odd days remaining to my second-born’s due date and about making any sort of “to do list”, I imagine a chicken running around in circles..the chicken being me, I suppose. (which I LOVE making to do lists…its really a coping mechanism for my ADHD..) There is something about having a second child that is just making me NOT feel ready. I posted some differences between nesting for this pregnancy and the pregnancy with my firstborn before. Comments people have made and plain old common sense has made me realize how much of an undertaking going from one to two children will be. Some other differences include the fact that we haven’t really done anything much to prep for this baby, so it feels like its creeping up on me quickly. We live in an apartment, so we aren’t preparing a room for her, and most major things like rocking chairs are already here.

At the halfway mark with Ms. K

At the halfway mark with Ms. K

I haven’t bought clothes or anything yet because I like to wait until after baby showers (and my friend is giving one) to see what else I need to get so I don’t have duplicates.

So here we are…less than 12 weeks out and I can hardly believe another baby is coming. We HAVE done some organizing and space-saving and turned the bedside table into a changing table so..CHECK. So what else to do..?

1)Make a registry, if you wish- CHECK! (Its my second, but there are some things we will need that we don’t already have. She needs clothes, obviously, that aren’t boy clothes and is being born at a different time of year than kid #1. Even if you have the same gender two times in a row, you may want to register for clothes for subsequent babies so family and friends who ask will know which clothing items are needed. People may think you don’t need them because they are wearing hand-me-downs, but babies are born at different times and different sizes SO you may have to buy an entirely new wardrobe for your second or third boy, for example.

2) Make sure you have enough maternity clothes to get you through the season in which you will give birth. Don’t want to be doing that when you are getting really uncomfortable at the end, and made even more uncomfortable by wearing clothes that don’t fit. My mom likes getting me maternity clothes so that helped a bunch. (Thanks, mom!) CHECK!

3) Once you have essential items, WASH and ORGANIZE THEM…

4) Get your child a pediatrician. I thought I had this all squared away, but since I have two kids to consider now and one with a different insurance for special needs (kid #1), this has been a tad tricky. A doctor said she would take both of my kids and now I am being told differently by a secretary because of Ethan’s secondary insurance, so I am needing to call ASAP again and try a different approach with the same clinic before I move on to another one. In our case, we want a new clinic for my firstborn anyways and we want our kids to go to the same place so that we can tote them both when they inevitably are both sick at the same time!

5) Pre-register at the hospital (I’ll be honest-don’t even remember WHEN you do this, but judging by my sister who is just a little over a month ahead of me on her pregnancy due date…I think its soon. They will want to know which doctor you pick so yea..I need to get cracking on cracking down with those doctors’ offices who are sending me mixed signals..grrr.)

6) TDAAP/Whooping cough shot and flu shot (depending on time of year I suppose)-I got a flu shot first time I was pregnant I believe, but this is news to me to have pregnant women being recommended to get whooping cough shot. I talked to my OB office about it and they plan to give it to me this week.

7) Discuss with doctor when to come to the hospital for labor pains, etc.
8) Finish up knitting projects (or whatever projects you may have.)
9) Get Christmas shopping done early! (because my baby is due early January)
10) Get a big brother present for baby #2 to “give” Ethan.
11) Stock up on household toiletries (and freezer bags!) and cleaning supplies to avoid lots of running to the store.
12) Do lots of meal planning, focusing on easy meals and freezer meals (and cook some freezer meals so that will be ready to toss in the crockpot during extra sleepy days!)


You Know You’re a Cloth Diaper Momma When..

1) You have to find different pants for your kid to wear when they’re wearing disposables because there’s not that extra “fluff” to hold the pants up! (Also how you know your a skinny boy’s momma 😉 )
2) You are accustomed to tossing poops in the toilet, even when you are using a disposable and have a diaper pail or genie available (It just makes sense! Doesn’t smell as bad to flush them.)
3) You’re used to your kid’s cutesy printed cloth diapers so when they wear a disposable you think oh..how sad and not fashionable. haha

Slogan we are using on t shirts this year (World Down Syndrome Day, etc.)

Slogan we are using on t shirts this year (World Down Syndrome Day, etc.)

4) You get used to sunning diapers and end up doing it for other articles of clothing for stain removal, etc.
5) Your jaw drops when you go on vacation and need to stock up on disposable diapers. Holy COW, the grocery bill just went up!
6) You do a Matrix move to save a disposable from falling on the ground in a public restroom because HECK no, that diaper actually cost me money and we get only one use out of it!
7) The concept of keeping track of how many diapers are in the household or “running out” just doesn’t register because if you cloth diaper, the diapers are always there for you. (not counting being behind on diaper laundry. I only owned 22-24 diapers. Not one of those diaper collectors who have insane amounts . 😉 )
8) You’ve matched a diaper for an occasion (Its a zoo diaper, and we’re going to the zoo…okay, quick picture of that diaper change.)