Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month! This Month’s Milestones..

This month Ethan has been showing us he can remember things more and more from weeks ago. Yesterday he showed me he remembered that “Nin Nin” (my mom) and “Papa” (my dad) go together by saying “Nin Nin” when I said Lets go see Nin Nin, then followed me and said “Papa.” He does a lot of whispering lately, so I know he is talking about something but just not sure what! He is trying out more and more sounds and is saying them very deliberately and repeatedly, but sometimes we just aren’t sure what he is talking about! Time will tell.

For those who were curious about the kinesiotape, it doesn’t bother his lips, but some of the tape does bother his back. Only in one spot, though. His PT said it was helping, though, and I haven’t heard of any other kids who had skin sensitivity with kinesiotape, though, so maybe it would be worth looking into for your kids!

We THOUGHT we would get an eye exam last month, but it was rescheduled and I didn’t see my missed voicemail (and drove up there for nothing) SO later this week I may do a post on that since that is when the rescheduled appointment is. I’m very curious how they will test a 2 year old’s eyes.

Be sure to check out this post to share facts about Down Syndrome as well as this post that includes awareness images with Ethan and the blog link. Also, find the “Like us on Facebook” icon on our blog page to see images I share so you can share directly from the Better Than Expected facebook page and see other facts and blog posts I will share. For new readers, notice there is a search bar that can help you find certain topics. I thought with this being awareness month it would be a good time to point that out!


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