Undies, Bed-Training, and Therapeutic Lip Taping.. (some 2 yrs old and 2 months milestones)

We are currently working on potty-training Ethan by having him wear underwear only and taking him potty VERY frequently. (every 30 minutes) He definitely knows WHEN he is wet but still seems like he is having a hard time knowing before that happens. He has signed “potty” once this week so I knew that he needed to go, however, he was already going as he signed this. I can tell he has made a little progress from staying dry for awhile, etc. so we will keep it up! For those trying this method I reccommend getting plain white snug briefs to be able to see when the accident starts immediately. We have borrowed some potty books and videos from the library to see how he takes to those and if they reinforce.

Amazingly, when I was frustrated and left the room one night to just let him fall asleep wherever..bed or floor, (I intended to check on him and transfer him later), he was asleep within minutes one night! And he STAYED in the bed with no supervison (other than listening on monitor) So I tried this the next night..and the next..and next. So now he is on his 5th night of being tired, but awake, then falling asleep on his own in his bed with no bars or anything holding him back. Just the mattress on the floor. We are so proud of him.

Ethan’s therapists suggested kinesiotape (I believe it is) for his lips to help with lip closure and strengthening which in turn is supposed to help his tongue not thrust out as much (or at all, is the goal.) He is wearing it 30 minutes at a time in his sessions so far. I caught a glimpse of him, and it was black tape that made it look like he had a goatee and moustache. So we will see how that goes! It is brand new so I really don’t have many thoughts on it yet.

cookie monster more alike than different
1)Ethan has been talking more and has some new animal sounds: snake (“ss”) pig (“clearing throat type sound), cow (moo), wolf howling, dog barking (sometimes, sometimes he just bobs his head like he is barking haha) He has also said “Balloon” and “Kix”, as in the corn puff cereal. It is actually the fastest word he has learned to date!
2) telling others “Hi!” more frequently. He waves as well and it sounds like “Eeeeeeye” or “I!” (He approached a group of toddlers at the library train table last week and waved saying “Hi!” and it made me so proud. 🙂
3) Adding more ASL signs into his daily use all the time..We don’t necessarily sign anything new, but Ethan just starts doing signs he hadn’t done before like “apple” for example. I think its all been up there, and he knows whats what but will do a sign he saw on an episode of Signing Time a week ago. We do sign to him constantly as I mentioned in this posta but sometimes I know that I haven’t signed something awhile (like an obscure word such as balloon..not that obscure I guess, but I don’t typically say balloon daily) and he will do it suddenly when he sees a picture or something.

Ethan has been able to follow some directions, such as ones in singsong or rhyming books such as Llama Llama Hoppity Hop. Oh how we love the Llama Llama books! Ethan is in the 2 year old class at church and gets to have lessons so we are happy for him to get to participate in that.

Ethan has been doing great but will have his thyroid levels checked again in a few months because one of his levels were high at his recent checkup with geneticist (blood draw that screens for several things is what he had done) The thyroglobulin is what was elevated. We will see. I have heard some kids do not have problems with their thyroid later, but some do after an elevated reading such as this. With a stretch of time with no major sickness or surgeries (after the tonsillectomy, that is)We have been enjoying having time outside, playing with his new baby cousin, letting Ethan have some time with other kids and adults in Sunday School and getting out to do things. I think I speak for both Ethan’s dad and myself when I say that we may always dread flu season (even though we LOVE the winter holiday season. Christmaaaas! haha) but we plan to let Ethan participate in Sunday School throughout the winter which is a first. As the time approaches, I’m sure we will get more nervous but he handled RSV last winter much better than he did the flu and pneumonia as an infant his first winter. So everybody go out and get a pumpkin or two, sure, but also get your flu shots!

Ethan is getting his first ophthalmology checkup this week, and although this may sound like an odd thing to be “routine”, it is actually recommended for kids with Down Syndrome to get their first exam at six MONTHS of age! We somehow missed that memo, so we are just now taking him to get his eyes checked! Kids with Down Syndrome can have strabismus (what some call a “wandering eye”), among other eye issues so a yearly exam is recommended for them. Some little ones just get glasses so we will find out. I will update with what a pediatric ophthalmology eye exam looks like, especially for a mostly preverbal child. It should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Undies, Bed-Training, and Therapeutic Lip Taping.. (some 2 yrs old and 2 months milestones)

  1. How do you tape his lip? I have a 7yo with DS and we’re beginning to work on having him keep his mouth closed more. He does pretty well with keeping his tongue in, but could use improvement. I’m keeping an eye on this post to see what other advice is out there about this…I’ve never heard of it!

    • Hey, the therapists use kinesiotape, and I haven’t seen them apply it yet, but it is placed on his upper and lower lips, just like a moustache and goatee look! The therapist who comes to the home will be putting it on later this week, so I can see how she does it then! Also, my sister-in-law talked to her co-workers and heard there is an intervention that uses flavored tape (or something similar) that goes inside the mouth for the tongue to touch, acting as a reminder to keep the tongue in!

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