2 yrs, 1 month milestones

Ethan has been making some progress despite him having a tonsillecomy, adenoidectomy, etc recently.
Here is what he has been up to…
He got to meet his new baby cousin and was very intrigued! And yes he did sign “baby” haha. He will sign baby for older kids too, it is rather funny.

Speaking of signs, here are the new ones I can think of from this month:

words spoken: sang “Leah” during Signing Time theme song!

Ethan started doing a little pretend play with his pretend fruit and other kitchen set items, such as pretending to eat fake grapes and eating with a play spoon.

physical/PT: He can climb furniture well now! We sadly said goodbye to his PT he has had for over a year and will be meeting a new one next week! He is also using walking to get around more than any other form of traversing, so we are very thrilled about that!


Ethan almost scaled the front of his crib from the OUTSIDE so we knew that we had to keep him in his Pack N Play (which is harder to climb because of the netting) while he recovered from his tonsillectomy until we can get him ready to transition to a mattress on the floor! We will be working on that starting this weekend.

We are starting to take him to the potty more frequently: for several months, he will pee in the potty anytime you put him on, whether a tiny sprinkle or a ton. He has only pooped in it a few times, and he still does not cue us. Hopefully with taking him at least once an hour and watching Signing Time’s Potty Time DVD (which a little bird told me he is getting for Christmas 😉 will help.

We are still practicing with the cup with recessed lid and Ethan self-feeding with a spoon..he is doing pretty well! (Mostly with the spoon)

I think that about covers it! On to bed training next!


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