Milestone that deserves its own post…cup drinking!

“Don’t give up until you drink from the (plastic) cup.”
ha little play on words from the America song “Lonely People”…or Jars of Clay who covered it for those of you other young’ns who knew it by that first..

Anyways, after all the frustration and reading and thickened milk all over the kitchen, we finally got a glimpse of progress today! Ethan drank from a cup!! Not with a straw, but with a cup with a recessed lid. An SLP friend told me that was suggested, especially for hte kiddos with thickened liquids (because it is HARD to slurp that stuff up with a straw, much less for kids with low tone!). His OT brought a small coffee commuter mug with a recessed lid for us to try, and he did it a little for her but I still hadn’t seen it since my husband was letting me sleep in that day. (Thanks babe!) So all week long I’ve tried, he’s refused. But today he drank some! And asked for more! He didn’t drhink the whole 8oz, but I’m just thrilled he even took a few sips!

If you go to that website, it was the one my friend suggested. We may get that one as Ethan could hold it easier unless we see something similar and cheaper in stores.


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