Signing Time Birthday Party-Making a Party Theme Not in Stores work for You

Since Ethan doesn’t watch many shows other than Signing Time and he loves the music, we have known for awhile we would probably be having a Signing Time birthday party. While it is popular among some people, it is still not something you can just go and buy decorations, cakes, and favors for.

I originally thought I would probably have to make the cake and since I’m not a cake decorator, I bought a tiny chalkboard (Michael’s, $1) and tree to go along with a toy frog we already had to fit the theme of Signing Time. (There is a chalkboard in the opening of every episode with the name of the episode written on it. I wrote “Happy Birthday” on the chalkboard and planned to put that on the cake. I was going to use the tiny 50 cent tree I bought at Michael’s to add a few things to to make it look like the tree house on the show. There is a frog on the show, so since Ethan already had one, I thought I’d put that on there as well.

My husband suggested contacting the Signing Time company just to see if they would be okay with us getting a bakery to use an edible image, so I emailed them and gave it a shot. They said yes so I printed the email and took it to the bakery, and so we got this cake:

The chalkboard didn't fit on the cake, but it would be great if you were making your own cake.

I loved how it turned out! The place we used doesn’t typically do copywrited things but since I had permission and wasn’t purposely trying to go around their rules, Ethan got his Signing Time cake and he recognized his favorite characters. 🙂




I also printed and laminated some pictures from the show’s website to decorate and put construction paper backing them along with balloons that matched to tie it together. (Kind of a rainbow theme.)

There’s a song about a rainbow to teach color signs, and I made a little balloon rainbow above the rainbow picture with Alex and Leah.

Mainly I laminated the pictures because it was going to be at a park originally. I also bought some party favors that signed “I love you” in ASL and hand clappers to go along wiht the theme. Since my family had strep throat, we didn’t have the friends and kids of our friends over because we didn’t want to get them sick, but our family said they still wanted to come over so we had it at our apartment. It ended up storming and pouring rain, so the park wouldn’t have worked out anyways!

Its always good with kids’ parties (and any parties, really) to be flexible and not over-plan or over-spend with time or money in my opinion! You never know what will happen. We still had a great time despite feeling yucky. It was festive, and Ethan was excited that his favorite show characters were on the wall so I say it was a win!


MORE BUDGET FRIENDLY TIPS: One budget-friendly party planning idea is to see if your city has ways to rent gazebos, parks, etc. for free. Another is to just buy solid-colored plates, napkins, etc that match colors in your theme if you already have decent theme representation with other decorations. Chances are, if you’re trying to do a less well-known theme or kids show theme, you will have to buy plain paper plates anyways.


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