21 Month Milestones

>This month Ethan’s big breakthrough was standing from the sitting position with NO assistance! He started bear crawling and this next step came naturally. Hopefully he will be walking soon! He has also been adding to his signing vocabulary pretty quickly (star, Daddy, hot, etc.) He has gotten better at spatial reasoning, such as putting the rings on his ring holder and attempting to put puzzle pieces in the correct spot.

I also made some flashcards with words for him, and he was able to sign and say, “up!” within just a few reviews of the cards! The idea is to go fast and teach whole words (young kids can recognize words as they would pictures.) Others with children with Down Syndrome have had success in toddlers knowing several words, and I hope for Ethan to know several before he enters school. this way he can focus on decoding and phonics (if that is in fact the way they will teach him.)

He can now say “ball” very well. Plenty of new signs, not so many spoken words. But that is okay, I think if he could he would probably say more words. Just like I think he would sing along if he could-he loves music! I’m just thrilled to have a way to communicate with him and see how much he understands.

We also went to the zoo for the first time! He loved it!

By the lion exhibit

By the lion exhibit

on dads shoulders at zoo</a

on dads shoulders at zoo


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