20 Month Milestones

“Why these milestone posts? Are you going to be doing this his entire life or something?” Well, maybe!

>>>>>>I will be doing milestone posts monthly because I know as a parent of a kid with developmental delay, I just like to read where other kids with delays and typical children are. It can be encouraging for those who have kids ahead of you in months and years, can dispel myths about what all kids with special needs “can’t” do as well as give comfort that your child is struggling with the same things as mine. Also, I’m just proud of Ethan. 🙂

So 20 months, here we go…


On way home from NICU at 3 weeks old

He wanted to play in his infant car seat. 20 months

He wanted to play in his infant car seat. 20 months

Well Ethan has come quite a ways in this past month! Definitely one of those booming months developmentally for Ethan.

In addition to what was already listed, he now can:

SAY: “I want more.” (twice so far that I’ve noticed)
“No, momma.” (more than twice haha)
“Up!” (He says this interestingly with more emphasis on the “p” sound, but he says it after I do when crawling upstairs! Just started this today.)

SIGN: “More” (He alternates between saying it (which still sound more like “mah” or “moe”, but I can understand him.) He just started signing this more this past week, I suppose when he doesn’t feel like talking. He has a cold this week.

has signed “blanket” a time or two, just imitating the show.

“please,” has been doing this one awhile, if I didn’t say so before
“finished” He does this one very consistently and it can be kind of funny when he chooses to use it..like when he doesn’t want to wait for a diaper change and tells me he is finished! Or finished on the potty

Signing "finished!"

Signing “finished!”

EAT: he has made great strides in eating textured food. This month he ate ham sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, banana (done this before, but with more consistent success this month), and different noodles.

Eating some big boy food finally!

Eating some big boy food finally!

Ethan was able to look at a flashcard of a fish and sign fish today.
He has been signing the word “sign”, mostly to tell me that he wants to watch “Signing Time.” He takes out his own DVD, holds it up to the X Box disc drive, looks at me and does one or both pointer fingers in a signing motion. It is way too cute and I had to resist letting him watch extra TV today when he asked. (He

OTHER GESTURES: shakes head “no”

DO: After the doctors’ appointment, we experimented with potty training per her advice. It has been going pretty well! He pooped the first two times I put him on! We bought a child potty and other than the splash guard being pretty low (about to buy another most likely), he stays on it fairly well! He gets to play I pad toddler games as a reward. I try to limit the I pad use to only potty rewards. (I use it during doctors’ office waiting, though, because it is the only way I can keep him off the nasty floors! He does deserve a reward for sitting still, too so it works I think..)

He can stand after he lets go of a support for up to a minute and has maintained his balance while dancing with his arms! We are hoping he will b walking by 21-22 months.

When asked what the elephant says, he will do a sound and raise his arm like a trunk. He won’t do the dog or cat or other simpler animals even though we worked on those more often! He just really liked the way I did my lips for the elephant sound I guess. So if you ask what any animal says, he does his elephant impression.

TEETH: Ethan has tweleve teeth, had his first cleaning and did awesome staying still! They say his teeth and gums still look great so all the brushing has paid off..He is starting to get annoyed with it, I can tell. I have to create a new tooth-brushing song almost weekly to keep him from squirming. But since I have a song for everything, I think even that is losing its luster haha. The dentist gave us a cool teether/toothbrush trainer though, so maybe he can learn to brush his own a little soon and that will make it more fun for him.

He is in PICU for RSV right now, so his development is at a bit of a standstill physically at least.


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