Happy Heart Month 2014

You know February is about Valentines and Black History month, but did you know that it is also National Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month?

Some people know right away that their child has a congenital heart defect, and some (like someone once told me) do not find out until their child is playing on a football field and have an episode. In my family’s case, we found out fairly soon after birth than our son, Ethan, had a Some children’s heart defects self-correct over a year or so, while others require immediate, or eventual surgery. Some have single or multiple surgeries. We are actually going for a cardiology follow-up and an echo in a week or so, which is common for those with congenital heart defects. Ethan’s AV Canal defect was repaired very well, but he does still have a leakig mitral valve that may or may not require additional surgery over the years.


While some of these do go as planned, tragically, some do not.

So the point is, I would love for those “praying people” to please pray for those who are living with congenital heart defects or to remember and pray for the families who have tragically lost their babies or children (young or adult, it hurts either way) to a congenital heart defect and related complications.


Also, I just want to invite others to celebrate the fact that medicine has advanced so much that these children with congenital heart defects can live wonderful, healthy, lives. For those who are reading this and are anticipating a baby with a heart defect, the success right is quite high in regards to heart defect repairs, from our understanding.

Here are some pictures of what our son looked like last year and this year after his heart repair.
Chicks Dig Scars 😉 This is soon after his surgery.[/caption]
Boy with a capital “B!” He is a little ball of energy, you’d have never known he had a heart defect. Thank God for the ability to repair them..


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