Dental Care for Kids with Down Syndrome

Showing off his two new bottom

Showing off his two new bottom

The above link is a PDF file to a brochure for Dental care for kids (from disabilities and Oral Care Ireland.) I just googled because I was concerned about some grey spots. Something interesting I found on my short google search research was that enamel irregularities can be caused by severe illnesses or prolonged fevers. If that is the case for Ethan’s grey spots, then I have an idea where that came from!

This link above has a good article (The National Down Syndrome Society) on dental issues in people with Down Syndrome. It also includes suggestions.

We are taking Ethan to a pediatric dentist soon. I wanted to take him soon since there are more severe issues at times with kids with Down Syndrome, but the little grey spots moved that little phone call up on my priority list! He has VERY sharp bottom teeth so you wouldn’t want Ethan to bite you! 😉

I will post more when I find out more info from my more knowledgeable dental hygiene and dental assistant friends and family and will update on what the first dental experience was like! Speaking of which, I finally scheduled my own dental appointment for the first time since before I was married. I know, that is horrible. I think we realize at some point that we are taking care of our kids and not doing so many of those things for ourselves…eating healthy, resting, reading, etc…only so much time to go around, but surely I can do better than one dental cleaning in 3-4 years..?


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