That is the best way to describe what has happened over the past 2 days. It has been an eventful and good two days. Ethan has finally, after 3 weeks and 4 days, began to make progress! As of Thursday Ethan’s Nitric Oxide has been OFF, as of last night Ethan’s Dopamine has been OFF, and Ethan’s PEEP has been down to 8. The only downside is Ethan is on his belly for the time being. OH I forgot to mention Ethan is OFF his paralytic, and for the first time in almost a month we have got to see Ethan open his eyes. Granted there was a day and a half earlier when he opened his eyes before he got really sick again.

This has been the first truly encouraging news since Ethan has been here. Throughout his stay in the hospital we would take 1 baby step forward and a big step back. This feels as if the first time I have been able to say “Yes Ethan is truly getting better”. His feet are pink and warm off of his blood pressure medication, he is squirming in his bed, and he is trying to lift his head up to look at who is talking.

Ethan’s chest X-ray this morning did look worse than yesterday, but not terribly so. The radiologist read it as worsening atelectasis, and to help with this Ethan has been started on IPV treatment. THis is a machine that they hook up to Ethan’s breathing tube and it pulses, best way I can think to describe it, rhythmically to help break up the secretions and pop open the closed off areas of the lungs. They have also placed Ethan on Auto mode which allows him to initiate a breath and the machine to give the extra pressure and volume he needs. The only time the ventilator will breath for him is if there is a >10 second apneic period.

These are huge steps. Ethan has shown so far that he is tolerating these changes; however, he has also show in the past that major changes are not going to be tolerated. So please pray that Ethan will continue to do well.

Specifically pray for Ethan to be able to tolerate these changes and not have a crisis situation come up and set him back again. I hope this doesn’t sound pessimistic, but his history this hospitalization has been discouraging with big steps.

Also pray for his lungs specifically that the atelectasis will improve with the IPV treatment.

Please continue to pray for Natalie and I. While this is the best news we have heard in over a month we are tired. This has been emotionally, physically, and spiritually straining. Pray for rest, restoration, and strength for us.

God is great and has a healing hand!

Thank you again for all you have done, thank you for giving the Nurses and Doctors and all staff at ACH your healing hands. The work they do here is remarkable. I thank you for the gift that Ethan is, and the strength that he shows. Thank you for showing your love to us through him. I pray that you would please continue to use him to bring glory to You.


Also don’t forget that Easter is next week! As we head into the next week its time to party and celebrate the events that happened over 2000 years ago. The greatest love story that has ever been told came to completion 2000 years ago

By: Ryan aka Ethan’s Daddy


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