Better Than Expected-Behind the Title

imageThis blog is co-written by myself (Natalie/Ethan’s mommy) and Ryan, Ethan’s daddy. Ethan is our baby, who was around 8 months old at the start of this blog. It will have a lot to do with him and Down Syndrome, as he was born with Down Syndrome. The title “Better than Expected” is NOT because we were expecting horrible things when we heard his diagnosis and discovered it wasn’t “that bad”; life with Ethan is even better than expected than what we had in mind BEFORE we knew his diagnosis. He is such a joy, and God has taught us so much through him! We want to share experience and knowledge about Down Syndrome with others using this site. Any reader can relate in one way or another, though, so be sure and follow us and tell your friends about it.

my two loves

my two loves

A cause I learned about in the past year that I think is amazing: donating money for those who want to adopt children with special needs, specifically Down Syndrome


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